Legal Cover for Forest & Wildlife Management.

• Forest Act 1927
• Private Forest Regulation 1970
• Private Forest Rules 1975
• Wildlife Act 1975
• Transit Rules 1983
• Forest Rules 1983
Rules under pipeline for approval
• Trophy Hunting Procedure
• Model Wildlife Law
• Rules for Management of Medicinal Plants in GB
• Revised GB Forest Act 2018

Achievements/New Initiatives

  • Declared more than 38 Community areas as protected area for trophy hunting resultantly these communities are earning a handsome money annually in shape of trophy hunting fee.
  •  More areas are being notified as Community managed Conservation Areas.
  •  The Forest Working Plan 2002-11 has been updated and revised for next 30 years and got approved from the Chairman GB Council/Prime Minister Pakistan
  •  Plans for exploitation of non timber forest produces (NTFP).
  •  Efforts are also underway to get support of the International organizations for carbon emission projects.
  •  A complete survey of wetlands including lakes, reservoirs and glaciers in GB is being undertaken with the collaboration of PWP and a project on Conservation of Glacier is also under process for funding of the UNDP.
  •  Rules are being made for sustainable use of Non timber Forest Produces and also updated the outdated forest Act 1927, laws & rules to cope with the day to day challenges.
  •  Prepared Local volume table and Biomass table
  •  Prepared Management plans of all 10 districts.
  •  GIS lab has been established.
  •  Prepared land use maps of all ten districts.
  •  Prepared Draft Forest Policy for GB
  •  Prepared Draft Provincial Range land Policy
  •  Introduced REDD+ Preparedness program
  •  Revised draft GB Wildlife Preservation Act 1975
  •  Karakorum Pamir Landscape (KPL) initiatives between Khunjerab National Park (KNP) & Tashqurgan Nature Reserve (TNR) for conservation of Marco polo sheep other species across the boarder
Wildlife Sample Images Here